Pivot Bridges, Feed Bunk Design Specialists

Pivot Bridges

Custom CAD designed double arched pivot bridge, Call us for your special design needs.

Our Pivot bridges are made from angle iron, and can be made to a variety of widths and lengths.

Contact us for any of your bridge or feed bunk needs.

Compare our quality with our Competition, see the photos below of a pivot bridge that was built using round tubing that collapsed under the weight of the pivot.

RECREATIONAL GOLF COURSE BRIDGES, (call for more sizes and styles)

Johns Welding and Tool LLC

Turf Rollers

The JWT Turf Roller holds US Pat. #7100703 and was designed and is manufactured by JWT. The Turf Roller is designed to be easy to operate and maintain allowing more time for other aspects of your business. The JWT Turf Roller can be pulled by virtually any golf cart or utility vehicle you have available, meaning no waiting for a dedicated tow unit. The greens of an 18 hole golf course can be rolled in under 2hrs, much faster than other rolling methods. Rolling the golf greens allows you to maintain speed while allowing you to mow at a greater height, which improves plant health during periods of high heat and insufficient rain. Studies have shown rolling is also beneficial in treating dollar spotting.

JWT Turf Rollers are electric actuated to be pulled by any utility vehicle with a 12 volt battery (no worries of leaking oil) and come in 4 models to fit your needs and are shipped assembled with the exception of the tires. All you need to do upon delivery is remove the unit from the pallet , bolt on the wheels, fill the drum with the desired ballast (if desired) and start rolling. All JWT Turf Rollers can be fitted with an optional scraper bar, weight bar, or combination weight/scraper attachment, and can range in weight from 580 to 2,770 pounds.

  • Obtaining and maintaining consistancy of turf
  • Smoothing freshly laid sod
  • Improving stint meter readings on golf courses
  • Disease prevention measure
  • Playing field maintenance
  • Smoothing worm mound in lawns
  • Light compaction of freshly seeded areas

Steel Feed Bunks

Johns Welding and Tool LLC
Johns Welding and Tool LLC

Irrigation Engine Well Canopies


Aluminum Bumpers

Johns Welding and Tool LLC
Johns Welding and Tool LLC
Johns Welding and Tool LLC